Permit Requirements

Any activities within 1500 feet from the toe of the levee or flood gates must obtain a permit. Activities include but not limited to electric, phone, water or gas lines, structures. Any direction drilling, soil borings, hauling, excavation, digging, bar pit crossings, ramps, water wells within 1500 feet must obtain a permit.

A permit is also required for any work inside the levee district’s 100 foot statutory easement along any levee district channel; such as a permanent structure, excavation or other activity which may impact the efficiency of the channel or the maintenance of the channel.  The purpose of the permit program is to ensure that no action or activities on or adjacent to drainage structures adversely affect the overall integrity of the drainage system within the district.

RRABB has a statutory 100 foot easement located on each side of the levee or channel which is between the high bank of the levee or channel and 100 feet out from the high bank.

Nothing can be within 15 feet from the toe of the levee.  


Please email Ryan Ingles, RRABB Executive Director, to request a Permit Application.  Email is


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